Our Staff team consists of some of the most skilled, experienced, and proffesional members in the Infinite Flight Community. Each Staff member are trained to answer all of your questions whether it be how to fly a SID/STAR or even how to set a profile picture in Slack.

Anuj Shah - President

Anuj is the IFVARB representative, and oversees all airline operations. Anuj is responsible for keeping up with the instagram, our community thread, and ensures everything is running smoothly at the airline.

Dylan Bright - Deputy President

Dylan oversees day to day operations in terms of the fleet, hubs, routes and airtables. He is also a Oneworld Alliance legislator and helps bring new things to the alliance, as well as American Virtual.

Chris Hoover - Senior Advisor

Chris manages all things Oneworld related as he is the alliance executor. He also mnages recruitment, promotional videos, slack moderation, and assists in any other places needed.

Dylan Totten - Event Manager

Dylan leads our events, whether they be just us or with our partners. He creates all of the events, and talks with other VA’s for partnership events.

Vincent Dennis - Pilot Manager

Vincent supervises PIREP filing, as well as managers recruitment. As well as supervises pilot activity, and helps out in our support channel in Slack.

Mauricio Lucero - Head of Marketing

Mauricio, otherwise known as Shadow Outlaw, is the Virtual Airlines Head of Marketing. He creates promotional banners, videos, and also is the lead developer for our website and projects.